God has called those that love Jesus - every church and every Christian to be For Our City - for the most marginalized, the weak, the poor, the hurting, the broken, the ill, the innocent, the most vulnerable, and the most overlooked. Jesus has called His followers to share and show His love with those far away from God, to be the light in darkness, to rebuild what is broken, and restore what has long been destroyed. We are to be faithful workers who bring back hope, life, and light to our city. We are to care for the weak, offer liberty to those in addicted captivity, to provide comfort to those in suffering and a message of salvation to those facing ruin.
We are called to join God in being a people and a church that is For Our City! We are the only way that people will see that The Church is not against them. We must be the most selfless love they ever witness, the boldest and most hopeful message they ever hear, and the most life-changing relationships they experience.
Being For Our City changes how we SEE, SERVE, and SPEAK about her. Similar to how a parent speaks about their own children, what we say about our city has power. If we speak negatively and consistently call out the shortcomings and failures of our children, we exacerbate their issues and amplify their weakness. Similarly, we get what we speak over our city. If we primarily speak negatively, our city becomes filled with negativity. While we cannot pretend that problems don’t exist, we must not dwell on and exaggerate them. Parents can address issues, shame, and challenges their children face without dwelling on them. As the church and leaders in our city, we can do the same. Like parents speaking hope, dreams, and life over their children, we can speak love, life, and a future over our city. Let’s begin to speak over our city what God speaks over her. Let’s believe for a spiritual renewal and a vibrant, life-giving transformation in our city.